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With the development of international trade, the Asia and the United States economy are inter-dependent. Doing business with suppliers in Asia, you need a bridge to connect both sides.RITIME Group Inc is well positioned to offer service between the Asian manufacturer and the U.S. importer.RITIME Group is committed to ensuring customers’ needs for...

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  • 272018.04
    International freight companies create a diversified professional market It is one of the important measures for Humen port to carry out the development strategy of differential development by planning and developing the logistics professional market and developing modern
  • 272018.04
    Can the discarded exported goods be converted into import tax? There are two cases of analysis of goods returned from export:1) if no sale can be made and it is a non normal loss, it is necessary to transfer the input tax; if it does not belong, it will not need
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China Market

The company mainly operates from Asia to the United States, and exports more than more than 20000 TEU of cargo per year to various export agents.

America Market

RITIME GROUP INC-Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hongkong and Qingdao are well-trained.

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